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Age Management

Age management is now considered by many to be preventive medicine and it may well be an entry point for a new generation of medical science because it’s natural for people to want to live as long as they can while maintaining the highest possible quality of life. Age Management goes beyond most conventional approaches which include routine exams and generally established “guesstimates” that are based on gender, age and body type.

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Although aging is inevitable, accelerated aging does not need to be. No one should have to settle for living a life in an impaired or debilitated state. Many of the disabilities associated with chronological aging are caused by physiological dysfunctions rather than advanced years. Dr. Dave and the team at Oasis Integrative Medicine view aging as a natural occurrence, but one that can be managed, allowing each individual to take control of their own aging process.

Far too many people spend their Golden Years in a disabled state with physiological symptoms that include a decrease of vital energy, drive and motivation, often accompanied by lowered sex drive or low testosterone levels (men/women), poor memory/cognition, low libido, erectile dysfunction, increased body fat (with the inability to lose weight), loss of lean muscle, bone mass and bone density. Those over 60 rears old commonly report suffering from reduced strength, slower healing, more susceptibility to injuries, along with various muscle aches and joint pains. Psychologically they are prone to irritability, anxiety and depression.

At Oasis Integrative Medicine, these issues are addressed, questions are answered and solutions are offered.

Age Management is for the following conditions:

  • Menopause (Female)

  • Andropause (Male)

  • Fatigue (Male/Female)

  • Age Related Body Changes (Male/Female)

  • Decreased Libido (Male/Female)

  • Erectile Dysfunction (Male)

Age management services and treatments offered:

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