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At Oasis Integrative Medicine we are proud to offer TELEMEDICINE SERVICES to both NEW and ESTABLISHED patients. We have been successfully using telemedicine, even before the Covid-19 pandemic.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are treating patients via telemedicine, video appointments, outdoor consults, and drive-up medical treatments. All patients will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and seen in the office if necessary.


Please use social distancing, common sense, good nutrition/hygiene, nutraceuticals and the proper precautions to keep yourself and others healthy during this crisis.


stethoscope, ipad, laptop

If you are a patient of ours and think you have been exposed or are infected with Covid-19, please let us know ahead of time.


Our TELEMEDICINE SERVICES include a full medical consult or treatment by phone or video, right from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere you have access to a phone or digital device.

We have established successful new treatment protocols for Covid-19 infected patients to avoid the need to be hospitalized, for those discharged home still sick with Covid-19, and those trying to stay healthy during the pandemic.


In these uncertain times, you need to have TRUE VITAL health to overcome what new world health issues arise.


Our telemedicine and select in-office services to ALL patients include:

  • Comprehensive lab and Covid-19 testing

  • Immune function testing/optimization

  • Covid-19 treatments

  • IV therapies 

  • Non corticosteroid pain injections

  • Vitamin injections

  • Nutraceutical support

  • Pharmaceutical treatments

  • Compounded customized medications

  • Individual Covid-19 health risk assessments


Available in-office

  • Viragraphis

  • Elderberry

  • L-glutathione

  • Olive leaf extract

  • Vitamin D3

  • Reishi mushroom

  • Astragalus

  • Immune Essentials

  • Immunotix 500

  • K-Force

  • Megabiotics

  • Oil of Oregano

  • WholeMune

  • Xcellent C

  • Zinc Glycinate

vitamins and supplements

Are you eating these Immune Enhancing Foods?

citrus fruit

  • Citrus

  • Garlic

  • Onions

  • Turmeric

  • Manuka honey

  • Green tea

  • Fermented foods

  • Greens

  • Colorful fruits and vegetables

  • Tart cherries

PRACTICAL TIPS & IDEAS for protecting yourself and your family against the COVID-19 virus.




  • NSAIDS like ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. (We have done research dating back before the COVID-19, showing that they do decrease immune function)

  • Corticosteroid oral and inhalers if possible (check with your physician, as they lower immune function)

  • Smoking/vaping

  • Hoarding

  • Negativity

  • Pseudoscience

  • Charlatans

  • Cure-all products

  • Propaganda

helpful tips



  • Stay home

  • Stay aware

  • Play board games

  • Walk outside

  • Get fresh air and sunshine

  • Cook healthy

  • Spring cleaning

  • Paint a room

  • Virtual social interaction

  • Exercise

  • Meditate

  • Call a friend

  • Live in moderation

  • Express gratitude

DAvid about photo_edited.jpg

Be a bright light in the world by being

considerate, understanding, supportive and loving during this time.

Wishing you and yours safety, happiness & true vital health.

~Dr. Dave & The Oasis Team

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