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LipoLossMax Medical Weight Loss Program

What is the LipoLossMax Program and how does it work?

LipoLossMax is our transformational medical weight loss solutions program, designed with a proprietary blend of peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and hormones that aid to metabolic resetting and weight loss. The main ingredient of the program, Semaglutide, is an FDA-approved injectable weight loss medication that mainly helps lower blood sugar and mimics a hormone that targets areas of the brain involved in regulating appetite and food intake, causing appetite suppression. 


When you first start on the program, we will do a small amount of injection to get your body adjusted to the medication and then gradually work your way up to where you will optimally lose the most weight in a healthy manner. This way you will have the least amount of side effects with the most results. Your Health Coach, Olivia will take you through that process, as everyone's body is different and will adjust at different speeds. 


The vial you will receive holds 200 mL of solution, so the duration you are on the program will also vary depending on how your body reacts to the amount you are injecting and how quickly you go up in your dosage. Typically, the program lasts for about 4-6 weeks, but could be longer or shorter depending. 


The LipoLossMax troche that you will receive in your kit, is a lozenge type medication that is placed in the buccal route of your mouth to dissolve. The main ingredient and purpose of the troche is Naltrexone, which is a medication used for many things, one being weight loss. Why the troche is an important component to this program is because it helps in suppressing your appetite, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and increases endorphins and metabolism. The troche also contains Methylcobalamin which is used in treating deficiencies of vitamin B12, so it will result in increasing your energy levels. Without the vitamin, it means there is a lack of energy for breaking down sugars, so it could cause the body to store more fat.


The Libre Sensors that you will receive with the program kit are glucose monitors. The monitor is placed on the back of your arm and works along with an app on your personal cell phone (iPhone or Android) where you will scan and view your readings.  We will send a link to your email that connects us to your sensor so Olivia and Dr. Gentile will have the ability to monitor your daily glucose levels as well. The Libre Sensors are an important factor of the program because since Semaglutide in the injection lowers your blood sugars, we want to monitor and be sure that your levels are staying in a healthy range. The most optimal range your blood sugars should be at for weight loss is 70-100 so it is important to check your levels regularly. We recommend specifically after eating, to be able to see what foods affect your body positively and negatively, as everyone will react different to different things. 

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What is included in the program?


For new patients:

  • Your first 2 consultations with Dr. Gentile

    • This includes going over the program, current and previous health conditions, medications you are currently using and general background information to get to know you a little better. Dr. Gentile will write a comprehensive blood work script which is mandatory prior to ordering the kit and starting the program so he can check for any barriers to weight loss and be sure you are safely and effectively ready to begin the weight loss program (blood work is covered by insurance). 

    • Your second consultation is when you will go over blood work and Dr. Gentile will give you the red or green light to begin the program.

  • Health Coaching

    • Our health coach will reach out to you once you have the OK from Dr. Gentile to go over the program further and any questions you may have. We offer weekly phone calls, which you can pick a time for each week through her Calendly link that will be provided during your first call, as well as 24/7 messaging for questions, concerns, or updates on progress.

    • We want to support you throughout your time on this program for whatever you may need! We believe to be effective in weight loss, constant communication and support is necessary.

  • 2.5 mL vial of LipoLossMax injectable solution (including syringes)

  • 30 day supply of troches 

  • 2 boxes of Libre Sensor glucose monitors (each good for 14 days)

  • Program guide with information on the program to refer to as well as inspirational messages and some Dr. Dave approved recipes 

  • Retractable tape measure (as important as the scale will be, the ability to measure your circumference and see your inches go down will be just as rewarding!)

  • A LipoLossMax refrigerator magnet

  • A LipoLossMax motivational bracelet "I Am Doing It."

  • Ginger supplement for nausea



Why should you choose the LipoLossMax Program?


The LipoLossMax program is different than other medical weight loss programs because of the personal care we provide to our patients. We don’t like the idea of prescribing someone medical weight loss products without knowing their medical history, the reasons why they want to or need to lose the weight, or not being in contact with them throughout their time on the program so we can monitor side effects, progress, and cheer them on when they succeed. Should you hit a plateau, we are quickly able to adjust and work with you to fix any bump in the road that may occur. 


This is also more beneficial to the patient because maintenance post-program becomes more successful when you have a relationship with your doctor and health coach that are helping you throughout your time on the program. Whether it be questions regarding a diet or meal plan, or refilling medications from the lipolossmax program to maintain your weight loss, we are available to answer any questions and offer support. 


Another reason we are different than other weight loss programs, is the comprehensive blood work that we do before putting you on the program. Dr. Gentile writes every patient a comprehensive blood work script to ensure your metabolic health, hormones, and everything else internally is working properly so that we will know for sure this program will work at its full potential. If your blood work comes back and anything is off that he can fix, Dr. Gentile will work on those issues with you before beginning the program.

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