Dr. Dave's Weight Loss Protocol

Dr. Dave’s Weight Loss Protocol is intended to create a healthy lifestyle paradigm from an integrative medicine perspective. Comprehensive testing, including blood tests for endocrine and hormonal factors are done to evaluate cardiovascular, metabolic, and musculoskeletal health factors that must be addressed for you to learn how to lose weight fast.


Interviews are conducted to identify psychological and sociological contributors associated with weight gain or weight loss. Additionally, the patient’s relationship with food is reviewed, including eating habits, preferences, caloric intake, meal composition and potential food allergies. Limitations in movement and orthopedic challenges are identified and treated. A personalized exercise program is designed to maximize the potential for success; resistance training, yoga and meditation are often indicated. During the entire process, a careful and ongoing collaboration is performed between Dr. Dave, his clinicians, and the patient.

The lifestyle paradigm that is created will cleanse the body and prepare it for weight loss, revealing some important factors that help you learn how to lose weight fast. It is intended to give rise to a new way of functioning; a way of healthy living that will last far beyond any diet. The following are habits that should be integrated into the patient lifestyle to not only promote healthy weight loss, but, more importantly, healthy living.


Dr. Dave’s unique, medically supervised, weight loss program is designed to help patients safely, efficiently and effectively learn how to quickly lose weight and keep it off while maintaining abundant health. This is an opportunity to learn how to improve digestion and assimilation of foods without worrying about weight gain. 

What is the best way to lose weight fast? We have shown that this Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program really works. Even those who have failed with previous diets have succeeded with this program.

INITIAL CONSULTATION (Includes Comprehensive Medical Intake and Exam)


Indirect calorimetry reveals your true metabolic rate (how your body uses food) by measuring the amount of oxygen (absorbed) and carbon dioxide (released) from your breathing. This device will measure the amount in (consumption) and the amount out (expired) which accurately shows your metabolic rate. This will guide us the exact number of calories you need each day. (Too many calories may lead to weight gain and too few calories may impede weight loss.)


Unlike scale weight, Bioimpedance Analysis reveals the overall health of a person, as well as the proportion and amount of fat, lean tissue and water weight. It can be effectively used to indicate how much muscle and fat is being lost or gained as a result of physical and/or dietary changes. It also analyzes the overall health of the cells. Weight loss cannot be properly monitored using a scale only.


  • MIC/B12 Diet Injection (weekly), Methylcobalamin (B12) – for energy and to increase metabolism,MIC {Methionine, inositol and choline} – “lipotropic agents” that increase the burning of fat and help maintain liver function

  • OptiDetox Breakfast Shake – helps detoxify the liver and kick start efficient weight loss (1st 2 weeks)

  • OptiGlucose Control Breakfast Shake – helps support proper glucose control and insulin regulation to foster successful weight loss (2nd two weeks)

  • MetaBoost – supplement designed to help you lose weight fast by helping to increase the body’s metabolic rate safely without causing any stimulant associated side effects

  • Food/activity log weekly review, counselling and coaching

  • Customized lifestyle, food, meal and cooking programs, including a review of the glycemic index of foods and how they’re prepared

  • Personalized exercise program


  • Pharmaceutical appetite suppressants (as medically indicated)

  • HCG – What is HCG? It’s an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone (HCG) and it selects abnormal stored fat and mobilizes it into the circulation where it becomes available for use as energy and appetite control. When dieting with HCG, excess fat stores are depleted versus structural fat (that protects organs) or our normal fat reserves. HCG works on the diencephalon portion of the brain. HCG can also help reduce abnormal blood sugars and cholesterol.

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