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DNA/Genomic Testing

Genomic testing is a state of the art way for getting the answers to better health, longevity and vitality. 
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Genomic medicine is truly medicine for the 21st-century. Now patients can use genomic testing that was only once available in research settings or for those limited few that could afford the high cost of the testing. Now at Oasis Integrative Medicine we offer genomic (DNA testing) via blood work and/or salivary testing to know which metabolic pathways may be affected by different DNA disruptions. Genomic data  allows the patient and physician to make a much more precise diagnosis and treatment plan to achieve vital health.

When genomic medicine is combined with integrative medicine so many treatment options become available. Many different panels are available took a look at such things as cholesterol metabolism, methylation, detoxification, oxidative stress, inflammation, and insulin resistance, bone health, iron metabolism, food responsiveness, etc. For performance athletes DNA testing can be done to look at injury susceptibility, recovery, power and endurance performance.

DNA strands

DNA testing plays a vital role in weight loss looking at the different variances based on DNA helping patients and their physician decide which lifestyle program is best suited based on how patients metabolize and respond to different types of foods, macronutrients and micronutrients.

Pharmacogenetics is a wonderful way to determine, based on your DNA which medications are properly suited to your genome versus which ones should be used with caution or would be completely contraindicated. 

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