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Hormonal Imbalances

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Our bodies are influenced by a complicated network of hormonal processes. Hormones have local and long range effects in the body. The Human Body is a“Hormonal Symphony”. When hormones are balanced, our body works the way it is supposed to, in order to maintain vital health.

At Oasis Integrative Medicine, we treat hormonal imbalances beginning with a thorough intake, lifestyle assessment, advance bloodwork, genomic testing, bio-impedance and other metabolic marker testing. Treatments range from adrenal supplements, pro-hormones, bio-identical compounded hormone creams, injectables, natural thyroid medications, nutraceuticals, anti-aging diet, exercise techniques, and age-enhancing lifestyle protocols.

When we have hormonal dysregulation, the balance of hormones no longer allows us to operate at our highest capacity. Hormonal imbalances are not limited to the aged, but can occur early in life, causing different, long reaching complications. The proper selection of blood-work, an advanced understanding of hormonal balancing and the use of proven, safe, cutting edge, evidence-based therapies, stand as the cornerstone of vital health.


Adrenal insufficiency/fatigue or “Adrenal Burn Out” is extremely common in all different genders, walks of life, ages and locations around the globe. Toxins, inflammation, poor diet, stress, poor sleep, EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequencies) all affect our hormonal function including the HPA Axis (Hypothalmic-Pituitary-Adrenal), thyroid, ovaries and testes.

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