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man with headache

Inflammation is at the core of so many different disease entities. Inflammation causes pain, dysfunction and premature aging. Chronic stress prompts chronic inflammation, which elevates cortisol, which in turn induces insulin resistance, belly fat accumulation and overall dysfunction. In turn, chronic inflammation further stresses the overall body and its metabolic processes.

At Oasis Integrative Medicine, we treat acute and chronic inflammatory conditions with many different nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, dietary, detoxification, and lifestyle protocols. 

The human body is incredibly complex and it’s every process multi-factorial. Fighting Inflammation requires many different approaches to yield the best results. Globalized inflammation can cause musculoskeletal, cardiac, neural, endocrine, and immune function complications. Removal of the offending inflammatory agents, reduction of inflammation through lifestyle/diet and nutraceuticals fuel the reversal of the inflammatory detriment to our bodies.

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