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What people are saying about Oasis Integrative Medicine 

Emily C.

My experience with Dr. Dave has been extremely positive. Compared to doctors I have seen in the past, Dr. Dave is night and day, I feel respected and important by him. Dr. Dave's care has improved my life by giving me a hopeful and powerful expectation for good health in the future. For someone who is curious about Dr. Dave's practice I would tell them they should try to experience it themselves, They would be pleasantly surprised. What stood out to me the most during my course of treatment was the very personal service and care I received.

Gasper S.

I knew Dr. Dave over 7 years. The first time I arrived to his office I was crawling, I left the office walking erect. I always found him very personable, friendly, and always made me feel comfortable every time I had an appointment with him. His knowledge is remarkable and amazing, He has helped me so much that I will be forever grateful.

Glenn K.

My experience with Dr. Dave is always professional, both him and his staff. It’s a true pleasure going to his office. Dr. Dave is the most knowledgeable and caring doctor I have ever been treated by in my life. I’m always late for my appointments and the staff treats me special even though I screwed up all the appointments for the rest of the day. I came to Dr. Dave several years ago with several ailments and illnesses from toxic exposure from working at Ground Zero.

I have never felt better since being under the care of Dr. Dave. If someone was curious about Dr. Dave's practice I would say just go see him; he will make you feel better. What pleased me and stood out to me about the practice is Dr. Dave's total knowledge and ability to make people feel good, and of course the professionalism and caring attitude of his staff.

Nancy L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Dave for a number of months. I have found him to be not only extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field, but very importantly a warm and caring person.

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