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Easy detox tea: Made with 7 powerhouse ingredients you should not live without!

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

This detox tea is great all year-round, especially in the wintertime when we are more prone to getting sick and often over-indulge around the holidays. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is based on seven powerful ingredients that have been used for centuries in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as well as other cultures.

1. Turmeric:

· Main component is Curcumin

· Typically grown in India

· Part of the ginger family

· Anti-inflammatory

· Detoxifier

· Stimulates brain-derived neurotrophic factor which decreases neurodegeneration and age-related diseases

· Contains anti-cancer properties

· Good for arthritis, depression and Alzheimer's disease

· Has been shown to decrease metastasis and angiogenesis of active tumors.

2. Ginger:

· Helps reduce nausea, pain and inflammation

· Slows progression of Osteoarthritis

· Helps control blood sugars

· Decreases muscle pain

· Anti-cancer

· Helps with Alzheimer's and dysmenorrhea ( painful menses )

3. Cinnamon:

· The bark from the south east Asian tree

· Helps decrease blood sugars

· Increases insulin sensitivity

· It is a great polyphenol antioxidant

· Decreases LDL (bad) cholesterol

· Great antimicrobial

· Decreases inflammation

· Slows neurodegenerative disease

Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black peppercorns, manuka honey, lemon, lime, water, ball jar

4. Black peppercorns:

· Contains piperine which make curcumin 2000 times more absorbed in the body

· Increases dopamine and serotonin release

· Strengthens immune function

· Improves memory

· Has a thermogenic metabolic effect (which helps with weight loss)

5. Lemon/Lime:

· Acts as a liver/gallbladder flush

· Helps balance blood pH

· Is a great source of vitamin C (helps us from getting sick)

Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon sticks, Black peppercorns, lime, cup with tea

For the full recipe click here...

6. Manuka honey

· A special honey from New Zealand

· Has wound healing properties

· Great anti-microbial properties

· Helps treat H.Pylori (causes gastritis) overgrowth in the gut

7. Water

· Hydrating

· Detoxifying

· Critical for life

Wishing you health, happiness and vitality!

~Dr. Dave, Venus and the Oasis Integrative Medicine Team


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