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How to Survive the Stress of the Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

We live in a world of stress and the holiday season is typically more stressful for most people. A Healthline study showed that 62% of the surveyed people had increased stress during the holidays and only 10% said that holidays don’t increase their stress.

We have many triggers in our society:

· We live in financially difficult times

· Poor relationships

· Prior emotional traumas

· Loss of loved ones

· Feeling of loneliness

· Struggling with illness

· Trying to compete over the holidays

According to the American Psychological Association 2017 study, the top three concerns, out of a larger list, for most Americans are:

1. State of the nation

2. Money

3. Work

Stressed female

Stress causes a cortisol increase which has both short and long-term complications, including:

· Elevated blood sugars

· Increase in blood pressure

· Weight gain

· Pushes us to make poor decisions

· Increasing the likelihood of getting sick

· Bloat and fluid retention (there goes that sexy outfit)

· Reflux disease/gastric ulcers

· Fatigue

· Sleeplessness

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Skin conditions (like acne which cause more stress for many)

· The inability to enjoy the holidays

Reading a book by the fireplace

Here are my TOP 20 stress-free holiday tips:

1. Be present and stay present

2. Learn to say no

3. Use an extended support system

4. Pace yourself over the holidays (don't overcommit)

5. Acknowledge your feelings

6. Remember less is often more

7. Find balance

8. Make sure to take ‘YOU’ TIME

9. Get a good night sleep

10. Exercise

11. Get out in nature

12. Meditate

13. Get a massage

14. Read a book

15. Incorporate humor

16. Learn forgiveness

17. Make a game plan

18. Follow a budget

19. Have realistic expectations for a wonderful holiday season

20. Remember to eat right and take your supplements

Herbal Medicine

Here is a list of some of my favorite supplements for stress:

· B complex (a must for fighting stress)

· Magnesium ( a calming electrolyte which is depleted with stress)

· Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng for adrenal support)

· Rhodiola (treats anxiety, fatigue and depression)

· Asian ginseng (long history of supporting the adrenals)

· Magnolia (improves mood)

· Valerian (relaxing effect)

· Bacopa (used in Ayurvedic medicine for anxiety)

Take the time to enjoy family, friends and yourself over the Holiday Season.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe and VITAL Holiday

~Dr. Dave, Venus and the Oasis Integrative Medicine TEAM!


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