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The Essentials of Probiotics

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Probiotics are an essential part of overall health as well as weight loss. There are hundreds of different microorganisms that we have in our bowel. The majority of these organisms are good for us and they create certain vitamins, serotonin and help regulate immune, gut, brain and neurological health. They also help us break down fiber, which has been found to have a positive effect on weight loss.

Regulating these friendly bacteria is extremely important for overall good health and decreases bloating, increasing proper digestion and bowel movements. Probiotics are essential for people who had long term antibiotic use throughout their life. Probiotics are great for women's health issues as well. Probiotics also help balance our gut flora, which helps heal from a condition known as leaky gut (that leads to an increase in food sensitivity and allergies). Probiotics have even been shown to reduce depression without having to take an antidepressant.

Probiotics help in weight loss by releasing hormone GLP-1 which helps with satiety and burning calories and fat. It also increases ANGPTL-4 leading to decreased fat storage. Inflammation has been shown to thwart even the best intentional weight loss programs. It's best to use probiotics in the evening on an empty stomach, and incorporate probiotics with prebiotics such as inulin. It is imperative that probiotic formulas are comprised of high grade strains and high colony counts. Probiotics must be enterically coded/acid resistant in order for the probiotics to survive gastric acid on the way to the intestines. Probiotics have a short half-life and must be in nitrogen sealed blister pack or kept in the refrigerator. At Oasis Integrative Medicine, probiotics have become what Dr. Dave calls a "Desert Island Supplement" (if you only had a few important items on a desert island, this should be one of them).


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